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Introducing Africa

Africa is the second largest continent. The continent is divided into 54 different countries couple of which is disputed territories. Africa boasts the world's largest combination of density and "range of freedom" of wild animal populations and diversity, with wild populations of large carnivores (such as lions, hyenas, and cheetahs) and herbivores (such as buffalo, deer, elephants, camels, and giraffes) ranging freely on primarily open non-private plains. It is also home to a variety of "jungle" animals including snakes and primates and aquatic life such as crocodiles and amphibians. Africa also has the largest number of mega fauna species, as it was least affected by the extinction of the Pleistocene mega fauna.
Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is the tallest mountain in Africa (5895 meters). The famous Sahara desert is also located in Africa. It spans about 3.5 million square miles of the continent. The world's largest river Nile is also located in Africa. It runs from Uganda to Egypt.
In Africa, there are many different groups of people who speak many different languages. Over 2000 languages are spoken on the continent of which Arabic has the highest number of speakers.
There are 3000 distinct ethnic groups in Africa. Some people live in cities while others live in villages and keep old traditions. Here are some people from two different tribes from the country of Kenya. Notice the different clothing each tribe wears.
Egypt is one of the most popular destinations in Africa. The Pyramids are the main attractions for the tourist in Egypt for past 2000 years. South Africa is also a popular destination for the tourists. In South Africa the tourists are attracted to the cities beaches and the wild life parks.

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