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Introducing Antarctica

Antarctica is located at the South Pole. It is the fifth largest continent. There are no countries on this continent .There is no doubt Antarctica is an incredible tourist destination. Its remoteness, inaccessibility and severe climate add an element of adventure to a visit to Antarctica. In order to take a trip to the Antarctic you must be ready for a challenge. From its icy, cold waters to the treacherous freezing peaks of Vinson Massif, Antarctica provides tourists with an untouched and desolate land of immense diversity and beauty.
Tourist operators in Antarctica have organized an association (the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators) to promote safety and environmental responsibility amongst cruise operators. The members of this association carry the majority of tourists to Antarctica.
Human activity in the Antarctic is also responsible for negative impacts. Logline fishing for Patagonian toothfish has been a twofold environmental disaster. At the moment, tourism to Antarctica is not regulated. Eco-tourism's basic ideas do hold true for those visiting Antarctica. You are not allowed to disturb the natives, and you should only take photos and leave footprints.
If you find yourself packing for a trip to the Antarctic, you should bring clothing that you can layer. Although most of the ships will give you down filled parka jackets, you are going to have to bring your own waterproof boots and plenty of socks. Make sure you have your camera. Also make sure you've packed your sunglasses and strong sunscreen. You can't run to the corner convenience store in Antarctica.

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