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Introducing North America

North America is the third largest continent in the world. North America is made up of three large countries; Canada, Mexico and the United States and the countries of Central America and the Caribbean Islands. The North American continent is filled with history, culture, tourist attractions, and activities. A vacation to America offers tourists the opportunity to experience several cultures and explore a wide variety of sights and activities. There are abundant opportunities for travel, tourism, and adventure in North America.
Most of the people on this continent have come from Europe. In Canada, people have come from England and France. In the United States, people have come from all over Europe. Because so many different people from different countries have come to the United States to live, it is sometimes called the "MELTING POT". In Mexico and in Central America, Spanish is the dominant language.
Mexico is an excellent place to visit for the traveler looking to both relax and explore. The country offers fantastic beaches, cities, and ancient ruins. Canada is known for great hunting and fishing, as well as major cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. It also has many interesting natural wonders like Niagara Falls. With two major cultures and languages, French and English, Canada offers a unique cultural experience.

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