Terms & Conditions

This is a legal agreement between “you” (the user) and “us” (travelreveal.com) that governs your use of this site. By accessing this site you are agreeing upon the following terms and conditions. In case you do not agree to the following terms & conditions you may not access the site.

This is an advice to go through the following terms & conditions:

  • In order to attain all services of travelreveal.com you must register with travelreveal.com.
  • While registering you provide us with the confidentiality of the username & password and the confidentiality of the username & password is solely dependent upon you.
  • If for any reason you believe that your username & password are being used in an unauthorized manner you agree to contact us so that the required alterations can be done to your account and note that the information will be sent on your e-mail id which you provided while registering with us.
  • You hereby agree to the receipts of physical and electronic communication from us as well as the information asked by you (like comments, data or any question) in the form of electronic mail is treated as non- confidential.
  • You can copy the content provided on the site just for personal use but not for any commercial purpose.
  • We are not responsible nor liable for any viruses or contamination of your system neither are we responsible for any kind of delays, errors, inaccuracies or problem arising with respect to your use and content of this site.
  • We do not endorse any linked sites on our website, so we are neither responsible nor liable for the content of any linked sites or any other linked sites present on the linked sites.
  • We do not promise you that this site will meet your requirements, or the continuation of the service or the site but we assure you that the services, the information or any other material gathered by you through this site will be up to your expectations and any errors in regard to the information provided on the site will be corrected.
  • We shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, consequential, loss, harm, profit or revenues or in any inability to access any services or website.
  • You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless travelreveal and its officers, employees, agents and any third party information providers to the website, in respect of any liability that may arise from your use of the website.
  • These terms & condition and the operation of services provided by the website are governed by Indian law.

User generated images and videos

  • Members of travelreveal are solely responsible for uploading images or videos. The uploaded material (images, videos) does not undergo review process by travelreveal.com before they appear on the member’s area of the site.
  • Travelreveal.com registered members are responsible or liable for the content of their posts and may be held legally accountable if these include, for example any copyright, trademark protected harmful and untrue comments etc.

Modification of terms

  • All the rights are reserved with travelreveal to amend or change the terms under which services are offered through the website as well as the changes for the services provided through the website.
  • You are advised to regularly go through these terms and conditions.

Use of communication services

Travelreveal website may contain services in addition to and including blog, forms, e-mail, chat, communities, groups, reviews and ratings posted by the members’ information related to various tourist destinations, news groups, personal WebPages, calendars and or other messages (together known as communication services). You understand and agree the relevant use of communication services only to post, send and receive messages and material that are proper and related to the particular communication service. By way of example and not as a limitation, as well you will not:

  • Insult, harass, abuse, sully, stalk, imperil or otherwise profane the legal rights of others.
  • In any way publish, post, upload, circulate or propagate any improper, wrong, corrupt, demoralize, contravene indecent, abhorrent or unlawful topic, name, information or material.
  • Upload files containing any software or any other material which is protected by intellectual property laws unless you have the consents to use that material or else you own or control the rights thereto.
  • Upload or circulate files with viruses, corrupted or any other software or program that in any way disturb or damage the operations of the website or other’s computer.
  • Try to advertise, propagate sell or purchase any goods or service for any commercial purpose, unless such communication service particularly permit such messages.
  • Lead or send on any surveys, contests, competitions, fraud schemes or chain letters.
  • Download any file which cannot be legally circulated in any manner, posted by another user of communication service.
  • Manipulate or delete any author ascription, legal or other proper notices or proprietary, designations or labels of the origin or source of software or any other material which is there in the file that is uploaded.
  • Violate any rules or other guidelines, which may be relevant for or to any particular communication service.
  • Violate any relevant laws or regulations for the time being in force in or outside India.
  • Violate any terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement or any other rules and regulations mentioned for the use of the website anywhere else herein

Company has a right and control to review material posted via communication services and to cancel any material posted via communication services and to cancel any material in its sole discretion While, company carries no responsibility to monitor the communication services. Company holds the right to monitor the communication services. Company holds the right to terminate, cancel or stop the user’s access to any or all of the communication services at any point of time without any prior notice for any reason whatsoever.


Material posted or updated through a communication service by you may be subject to posted limitation on various grounds such as usage, reproduction and/or visibility to others. You are responsible for keeping yourself aware and updated of and cohere to such limitations if you download the material.

Termination/ Access restriction

Company reserves the right in its sole discretion to suspend, restrict or terminate the access to the website or any part or portion of the website thereof any time, without prior notice.


The company reserve the sole right to limit the users activity, or end the user’s listing warn other user’s of the user’s action, suspend, restrict or terminate the user’s registration and/or decline the user to provide access to the website without prior notice if:

  • Any breach by users of these terms & conditions.
  • The information provided by the user is unable to verify and authenticate by the company.
  • Any other action which the company consider as misuse or any other user or any third party rights

Once the user has been indefinitely suspended the user will not be able to register with company or may not be able to access the website in any manner, whatsoever until such time that user is restored by the company. Nevertheless the forgoing, if the user breaches these terms or the documents it integrates by reference, company and/or the service provider and to take strict legal action as company view essential.

User obligations & user account
In deliverance of use of the website you represent and confirm that you are legally eligible to enter into a binding contract and using the website and/or receiving the services under the law of India or other applicable law. You are responsible and liable for the sole cost of all the necessary equipments including computer, modem and internet connection etc. to access the website or to avail the service related to the website as well as you shall be responsible for owing an access to the world wide web and all the charges involved in getting access to internet service etc. You understand and agree that the company is not responsible or liable for deletions, miss-delivery or failure to store any user communications or personalized settings as the certain communication from the company such as service announcement and administrative messages are provided on “as is” basis.

Registration is optional on the website and if you opt to register yourself on the website you will be provide with a user id and password at the completion of the registration process which you agree and undertake to be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password & user id. And you agree that you will not use any other party’s user ID and password for any reason whatsoever without prior permission from such party.

You understand and agree that you are responsible and liable for your password for all the transactions undertaken using your password through our service. Company shall not be responsible for any financial losses, harm, inconvenience or mental agony due to the misuse of your ID/ password/account details number for using company services.

You also agree and undertake to straightaway inform company of any unofficial use of your password or user ID and to assure that you log off every time at the end of the session at the website. Company shall not be responsible or liable for any direct, indirect, loss, damage and harm due to your failure to abide by these requirements.

You also agree to provide genuine, true, correct and complete information about yourself at the time of registration on the website, sustain and regularly update the information to keep it genuine, true, correct, current and complete.

If the company find the information provided by you is not genuine, untrue, false, not current and incomplete then the company reserves the right to suspend, restrict or terminate your registration and decline you to provide access to website or its services. Moreover, you allow company the right to disclose registration data to the third party to the extent essential for the purpose of carrying out the services.

Intellectual property rights
Travelreveal may provide data such as sounds, photographs, graphics, video or other material contained in sponsor advertisement or information. It may be possible that this data is copyright or trademark or other intellectual property right or law protected therefore it is advised that you shall not copy, transmit or create derivative work of such material without express authorization.

You agree and acknowledge that you shall not post, upload, circulate or create any content on or through the services that is protected by copyright or other proprietary right of a third party, without the consent from the owner of such rights.

The unofficial submission or circulation of copyrighted or other proprietary data is illegal and could subject the user to personal liability or criminal prosecution.


You agree and undertake that there is no where stated in any provision of any agreement, terms and conditions, notices or the right to use this website or any other section of the travelreveal website that by using this website you shall be considered to constitute a partnership between you and travelreveal and no other party is liable to bind or shall be consider to be the agent of the other in anyway.


The headings and subheadings herein are included to avoid the ambiguity only and are not tried to explain, re-create, define or reduce the scope, extent, intent of the rules or the right to use the website by you incorporated herein or other portion or page of the website or any other linked site in any way whatsoever.

Interpretation of numbers and genders

This is the agreement wherein the terms and conditions are applied equally to both the singular and plural form of the terms defined. Wherever the pronoun is required it is interpreted to the corresponding masculine or feminine. The words “include”, “including” and “includes” shall be viewed to be followed by the phrase “without limitation” unless the circumstance otherwise requires, the terms “herein”, “hereof”, “hereto” significance refer to the terms as a whole.


You agree and undertake to compensate, guard and hold harmless company from and against any and all losses, liabilities, harms, claims, charges (including legal fees and disbursements in connection therewith and interest chargeable thereon) maintained against or received by company due to result from or may be payable by virtue of, any break or non performed by you consistent to these terms.


All the notices and communication regarding modification or charges in terms shall be in writing, in English and shall be communicated to you personally, or by commercial messenger or courier service or mailed by registered or certified mail (return receipt requested) or can be sent through e-mail/facsimile

( with acknowledgement of complete transmission) to the below given address.

  • At www.travelreveal.com or at the address mentioned on the website, if it is to be send to company.
  • At the communication and/or e-mail address mentioned in application form for using company services if it is to be sent to registered user.
  • At the communication and/or e-mail address mentioned in the registration form, if it is to be sends to the registered user.

Notices which will be sent or dispatched or displayed as the case may be will be considered to serve till 48 hours.

Governing law

These terms and condition mentioned in this agreement and the operation of and facility provided by the website are governed by the law of India without reference to conflict of laws principles and disputes if any arises shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

Disclaimer on user generated contents


Please be aware that by submitting any content in any form such as blogs, forums, reviews on hotels, destination, restaurant, place or travel agents, any question or comments on this website, you are solely responsible for that content. We are neither responsible nor liable for any content. The views, expressions, ideas, comments, statements and content of the same are expressed by the members and their individual views. The content submitted by you does not undergo review process by travelreveal.com in any way before it appears on the member’s area of the site travelreveal.com does not verify, endorse or otherwise guarantee for the content of any members or the content which is posted or uploaded on the site.

Members are solely responsible for their content and can be held legally liable and legally accountable if the content of their blogs, forums or reviews includes for example defamatory comments or any material which is copyright, trademark etc. protected.